Current SWE Students
Students currently enrolled at SWE can gain entry to the academy through the SWTV application process. 

Studio experiences will include learning opportunities on both sides of the camera

For students planning on attending Southwest Elementary.

Behind Camera

  • Photography
  • Videography
  • Animation
  • Video Editing
  • Story Boarding
  • Sound and Lighting
  • Props & Set Design
  • Graphic Design

On Camera

  • Speaking
  • Acting
  • Script Writing
  • Interview Skills
  • Newscasting
  • Reporting
  • Physical Comedy
  • Voice Overs

Classroom teachers and Video Production teachers will regularly collaborate to provide varied opportunities for students to showcase learning through digital projects. Studio access will be offered before and after school, and will be an extension of the weekly specials rotation for Digital Media Academy students.

Community partners in the Digital Media industry will regularly collaborate with Digital Media Academy students to mentor, guide and assist students in building skills that are relevant in today’s digital media industries.

Transportation will be provided for students in Zone A. Learn more at

Academy Expectations

  • Try every task assigned to them
  • Complete at home tasks and rehearse scripts to maximize studio time
  • Respect others
  • Encourage risk-taking
  • Follow instructions carefully
  • Complete projects on schedule
  • Use equipment responsibly** Due to the high visibility of digital media academy students in our school and community, it is required that students maintain excellence in both attendance and personal responsibility.

What Parents Need to Know

The Southwest Digital Media Academy will enhance student success using a variety of video projects to interact with academic content and process learning. Students will use video projects as a tool to fully engage with curriculum, while also expressing their knowledge, creativity and talent.

Digital Media Academy students will have access to the award-winning SWTV Program’s newly renovated Video Production Studio before and after school, as well as additional access during the school day for specific projects to demonstrate their mastery of grade level content in innovative ways.

Southwest Elementary students using a forest green screen background to present their skit
Student sitting on giant Crayola box along with enlarged school supplies

Project-based learning will include filmmaking, photography, graphic design, digital storytelling, stop motion animation, and more. Students will learn to edit video and sound, add graphics and special effects in order to produce projects that will be shared with our school’s learning community.